Monday, July 25, 2011

Katy Perry: Smurfette in Sapphires

Katy Perry's dress at the Smurfs movie premiere in New York yesterday almost stole the show from the little blue guys themselves!

Sporting a bedazzled Smurfette corsette designed by The Blondes, a smurf manicure and blue Louboutins - what else does the voice of the world's most famous female smurf need?

How about sapphires? Seems the like the smurfiest choice, right?

Looks like Ms. Perry took the blue bling to heart, wearing a pair of sapphire button earrings and what looks like a sapphire, diamond and gold bangle bracelet (still looking for designer credits...anyone know?)

The other jewelry highlight of the night was violet vixen, Sofia Vergara, in a a gorgeous Missoni gown, turquoise earrings and elbow-deep bangles in every shade of purple - all by Lorraine Schwartz!

Papa Smurf? Eat your heart out!!!
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Duchess Catherine Jewelry Roundup


Now that Princess Kate and Prince Wills have left the continent, I've finally been able to sift through all of the elegant and surprisingly conservative jewelry statements our favorite royal wore on her whirlwind tour.

Before I get to it, I'm thrilled to announce that my sugar mamma, gave me a little corner of their blingy universe to bring you all the great celebrity looks I gush about here at prices we mere mortals can afford. Click here to see my first go at it - A Princess Kate-themed bauble extravaganza with all of the looks featured in this post and then some!

Perhaps we should have known from the moment we saw her down-low diamond tiara choice for her walk down the aisle that this princess-to-be is not one to 'BRAG' about her bling. Rather, we're seeing a continuation of that 'splash of sparkle' trend I've spotted on the red carpet this summer - along with a few sartorial surprises.

They don't call her the "Discount Duchess" for nothing. I like that she's open to using her accessories with more than one outfit - like the sapphire drops pictured above and below with her diamond cross pendant.

And our Kate loves to bring out the basics - crosses, circles, and studs. Certainly not a 'fashion-forward' choice but a great way to bring the jewelry box classics back on trend.  

Chandeliers made a swinging appearance - on loan from the Queen - at the tony BAFTA event held in Los Angeles, where the Duchess rubbed elbows with Hollywood royalty like Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lopez and Reese Witherspoon.

And the surprises? I don't think I've ever touted a celebrity citrine piece - and these barely there drop earrings by Kiki McDonough are just lovely. Citrine. Who knew?

These tiny treasure-esque gold leaf earrings are just the right touch of whimsy. Remember her diamond acorn earrings from the wedding (pictured above)? Somewhere, The Lorax is smiling... 

Speaking of tree-themed accessories? Everyone was talking about the diamond maple leaf brooch the Duchess wore on several occasions while visiting our Canadian friends to the north. It's another loaner from the Queen's coffers - and continues to give the brooch category some oomph (Michelle Obama? Watch your back.)

But with 40 outfits making the rounds for her 9 day adventure across the pond, this is just the tip of the 'ice' berg. A reminder to visit for a complete sale curated by yours truly, where I've collected all the top Kate jewelry looks and paired them with pieces you can bring home to your own jewelry box.

Get in touch with your inner princess, jewelry hounds! Kate's style makes it easy. makes it affordable.  Enjoy!
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Paris Haute Couture Shows Bring the Bling

The Fall/Winter 2011 Paris Haute Couture shows just wrapped in the city of lights, and - as we all know - where there is Haute Couture? There is bling. And wacky hats.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the event - most from Dior (sans their brilliant wretch, John Galliano) and Armani Prive (house of Oscar, royal weddings and all things Gaga).

Leprechan's Rejoice! We've got a rainbow of oversized statement necklaces and cocktail rings to gawk at this go round!

Armani Prive



I also spotted a return of the gold leaf silhouette at the stunning Giambattista Valli show.

Giambattista Valli
Giambattista Valli
Giambattista Valli

(P.S. Guess who else is into gold leaf looks these days????)

And no Haute Couture Show would be complete without the chapeau showdown, right?

So there you have it, bling hounds. Colorful, oversized gems, yellow gold, leaf silhouettes and 'hold-on-to your-hair-follicles' headwear are the take-away trends from Paris.

Want the look? I'm thinkin''s "Bijoux de Chloe" designer collection is the perfect expression of that sentiment - at prices that are frugalista fabulous! Here's a few of their high-fashion looks for less, jewelry hounds. You like?

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Charlene Wittstock's Royal Wedding Jewelry

Monaco royal wedding watchers got two surprises at the highly anticipated nuptials of notorious bachelor, Prince Albert and former Olympic swimmer and all around hottie, Charlene Wittstock today.

No runaway bride. And no tiara.

Despite rumors of cold feet, Ms. Wittstock showed up in a smashing Armani Prive wedding frock that featured a 15-foot train with elegant embroidery and Swarovski crystals. Her look was topped off with a "Diamond Spray" tiara (if you can officially call it that) created by Lorenz Baumer with 11 encrusted pear-shaped diamond, according to

The couple exchanged 18-karat white gold wedding bands from Cartier in front of the usual royal suspects along with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, James Bond star Roger Moore, former supermodel Naomi Campbell, and veteran fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

(Click here for my report on her engagement ring bling if you're curious.)

Now that all that formal info is out of the way - can we talk about the 'no tiara' decision for a sec?

Kindof a shocker, considering the royal protocol for such things - but I for one think the look is smashing. Love the 'spray' effect and think it's the perfect fit for her updo. So there. What do you guys think?

And while the palace PR machine denies any 'runaway bride' scenario, I have yet to find a picture where these two look like there's one lick of chemistry left (unlike my fav royal couple - that Swedish sensation, Crown Princess Victoria and her commoner fitness-guru-turned-prince, Daniel Westling).

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
Speaking of, the serious royal bling came out the night prior for a benefit concert/civil ceremony, where the only fireworks happening were...the fireworks (just kiddin' kids).

Here are my favorite shots from the night (you can always count on the carat-heavy coffers of Sweden to light things up). BA-ling!

Can't get enough royal watching? Stay tuned for my "Princess Catherine (aka Kate Middleton) and Wills Take North America" fashion roundup. Cheerio!

Queen Silvia of Sweden

Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Charlotte Casiraghi (daughter of Princess Caroline - granddaughter of Princess Grace of Monaco)
 P.S. Anyone have any info on this cool statement necklace the Princess-to-be wore the night of her civil ceremony?

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